Final day for

 Concert PHOTO & Video orders


Order Information      

1. All orders must be placed at Smiley Kids and NOT at Focus On U Photography,

2. Please complete the contact details in full at the bottom of the order form and in Block Letters.

3. When paying for your order, please give the correct amount to the teacher in full.

4. When paying for your order, please sign the control sheet as proof of payment.  

5. Your order number on this form must correspond to the order number on the control sheet.

6. No orders will be accepted after the last day of ordering on Monday,

3 February 2020  


To view the Photos

1. To view the photos click on the relevant Class photo below.

2. Enter your email address to view the collection. Click on the right of the screen to move between photos.

3. To get to the photo number, click on the image, the number will be on the bottom of the image.

4. Cell phone: Swipe left or right to move between photos. Click on the photo to enlarge it,

PC: Move your cursor to the left or right of the screen to move between photos.

5. To go back to the collection click on the back arrow top left of the screen.

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Concert 2019 Order Forms

Willows Concert Photos

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Mobi Grade R Graduation

Grade R Graduation

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August 2019 Order Forms

You call the shots, we take the pictures of a special moment that God created Mobi Preshoot & Engagements FOUP Web Lock